Angela Merkel keine Maggie Thatcher In einem Leser…

Angela Merkel keine Maggie Thatcher
In einem Leserbrief an Robert Tracinskis Informationsdienst TIADaily lehnt Thomas die Auffassung ab, dass es sich bei der voraussichtlichen Kanzlerkandidation Angela Merkel um eine deutsche Margret Thatcher handeln würde: „

„In TIA Daily May 23 you compared Angela Merkel to Margaret Thatcher. [The comparison came from a Wall Street Journal article by John Fund,–RWT] But that is hardly, what she can be called. As a Christian Democrat (CDU) her altruism clearly can be seen in all her political attitudes (see her attitudes towards government handouts for low-income families with kids). She would never even attempt to achieve, what Thatcher has achieved. It would ruin her political career and that of her party. Most Germans would never endorse any kind of Thatcherism. She also is known for ousting her former colleague Friedrich Merz, a taxexpert, who is much more pro-business than herself, and who is known for his demand of simplifying the tax system, so that an average taxpayer could do his yearly tax-report on one small sheet of paper (today you have to go through upto half a dozen). The only party in Germany that is at least in some way consistently pro-business are the Free Democrats (FDP). But their percentage at elections usually is about 5 to 10 percent. Usually the CDU needs their cooperation for government to get over the 50 percent majority. I regard Christian Democrats and their altruism without the influence of Free Democrats as unbearable.“

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