Eine Magazin für Objektivisten? Robert Bidinotto k…

Eine Magazin für Objektivisten?
Robert Bidinotto kündigt auf seinem Blog die erste Ausgabe des Magazins The New Individualist unter seiner Leitung an. Herausgeber der Zeitschrift ist das Objectivist Center (TOC). Dass das Magazin primär Nicht-Objektivisten ansprechen soll, kann man möglicherweise nachvollziehen, dass dies allerdings durch Autoren erfolgen soll, die keine Objektivisten sind, wirkt ausgesprochen merkwürdig. Einer der Autoren ist zum Beispiel Bruce S. Thornton. Im Forum von solohq.com werden einige der Ansichten von Thornton widergegeben, die kaum erwarten lassen, dass dieser Autor Menschen für den Objektivismus begeistern kann oder will:

Will Bruce Thornton make non-Objectivists sympathetic to Objectivism by informing them about „the powers of the evil inherent in all human beings.“

Or: „freedom and material prosperity, now uncoupled from the counterforce once provided by Christianity, have created a public and popular culture of trivial mediocrity, in which humans are reduced to the lowest common denominator: appetite and its gratification.“

Or: „Freedom comes from the choices made in accord with a cosmic rational and moral order and conducive to their goal, which is good. The idea that freedom for the individual derives from his subordination to a greater good, particularly after it was Christianized, would have a powerful impact on Western thought.“

Or: „The rationalist ideal in the West has always coexisted with the recognition, first given voice by Euripides, that thinking and calculating are not all there is to being human. Christianity subordinated reason to revelation, the truths of this material world ultimately significant only insofar as they confirm the grand truth of our true nature and destiny, a truth not discovered by our minds but freely revealed to us by God.“


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